How Do Mirrored Sunglasses Work?

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be a bit of a challenge due to the wide selection of styles, lenses, and lens coatings available. At Hakim Optical, one of our favourite choices is the classic mirrored sunglasses, not just because they look good, but because they serve multiple purposes as well. If you’ve ever wondered about the workings of mirrored sunglasses and whether or not they’re right for you and your daily activities, take a look at what our experts have to say.

What Are Mirrored Sunglasses?

From the outside mirror lenses look opaque, however, the wearer of the glasses is able to see perfectly fine. Mirrored sunglasses come in several different styles and designs, and are often a good choice for those who like to make a statement. Just make sure to never wear them when playing a hand of cards with your friends!

Just like most other types of sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses are designed to keep the harmful UV and UVB lights from harming your eyes.

How Do They Work?

They’re a style of sunglasses that have a thin metallic layer on the outside of the lens that creates a two-way mirror effect for the person wearing them.

Because of the mirror effect, the sunlight reflects from the glasses as opposed to passing through, protecting the wearer’s eyes from harmful rays of light. Mirrored sunglasses let just enough light through for the wearer to comfortably see in the sun without straining their eyes.

Best Uses For Mirrored Sunglasses

Some people who choose to wear mirrored sunglasses wear them simply because they like the look of them. This is totally understandable as they give the wearer a really bold style that has been around for decades, however, some people also choose to wear mirrored sunglasses for eye protection and better vision on sunny days. Mirrored shades are great for hikes, picnics, as well as playing sports during the summer. However, when you’re playing sports, make sure to not just rely on your mirrored lenses; many outdoor sports players opt to wear anti-shatter mirrored lenses to ensure their safety and comfort while on the field!

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