What to Expect When Getting Eyeglasses for the First Time

If your eyesight could use some help and you’re beginning your journey into wearing eyeglasses for the first time, the process can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, Hakim Optical has over 55 years of experience with eyeglasses, contact lenses, and eye health and we’re happy to help get you started.

Buying Your First Pair of Glasses
Exciting, nerve-wracking, intriguing – all of the above! When you’re choosing a pair of eyeglasses for the first time there is so much more to consider than you’d think. From frame shape, colour, and style, to lens coatings, tints, and budgeting, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

If it’s your very first time with glasses and you need help knowing where to start when trying to buy the perfect pair, have no worries. Not only do we have a comprehensive guide, but we also have fantastic and friendly store opticians and stylists to help you make the right choice.

What to look out for when buying your very first pair of glasses!

What to Expect
Once you’ve chosen your new pair of stylish and comfortable glasses, what are the next steps? A lot of new glasses wearers wonder how their lives may change once they start wearing glasses every day. While for the most part, your life will continue on as normal (although you’ll have better vision), it’s good to prepare for new routines that come with wearing glasses for the first time.

What to Expect Wearing Glasses for the First Time

An Adjustment Period and What That Means
Most people who begin wearing eyeglasses for the first time experience what’s called an adjustment period. As its name suggests, this literally means a short period of time in which your mind and eyes adjust to wearing glasses: how they feel, how they change your vision, and how they need to be taken care of.

During this time, it’s easy to become frustrated with your glasses. But we promise that you will become accustomed to wearing them very quickly, and any kind of awkwardness you may feel dissipates quickly. After the adjustment period is over, many of our customers wonder how they ever lived with poor vision in the first place.

Learn more about the adjustment period and what to expect.

How to Adjust to Your New Glasses
Adjusting to your new glasses isn’t always easy, especially for those who have never worn glasses before. While usually, the adjustment period is short-lived, it can be very frustrating in the moment. If you are currently adjusting to new glasses or you’re about to begin adjusting to new glasses, we have some tips and tricks to help you adjust quicker and more comfortably so you can start enjoying your new glasses and your improved vision.

Tips and tricks to adjusting to your new glasses.

A Step-by-Step Guide
Your first time with new eyeglasses doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. In fact, a lot of people enjoy the process of purchasing and wearing new glasses not only because their eyesight improves, but also because new glasses can help express their personality and style. Below is a short rundown of what to expect when you begin your new eyeglasses journey.

  1. Book An Eye Exam

The first step to obtaining your new glasses and improving your eyesight is to schedule an eye exam. We suggest that adults between the age of 20 and 64, schedule an eye exam every 2-3 years. However, if you’ve noticed a change in your eyesight or anything abnormal with your eyes such as eye pain or strain, don’t wait for your next recommended appointment, immediately book an eye exam to ensure your health and comfort.

2. Prescription

Once you have your prescription, you have the necessary information to improve your eyesight. Keep your prescription safe and on your person to bring to the opticians at Hakim Optical to craft the perfect lenses for you.

3. Choose The Perfect Glasses, Sunglasses, And Lenses For You

This is the fun part! Visit your local Hakim Optical and let our team of expert opticians and stylists help you find the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses. We have hundreds of designer styles with an array of colours and shapes, meaning you’re bound to find the perfect pair for you! After you pick your perfect frames, our expert team of opticians can help you choose from an assortment of lenses and tints to best suit your everyday needs. From anti-static to anti-shatter, mirrored to transition lenses, you’re bound to find the perfect lenses to suit your needs.

4. New Eyeglasses and the Adjustment Period

Once you’ve ordered your new eyeglasses, within a few business days they’ll be ready to pick up from your local Hakim Optical. As you begin wearing your new prescription glasses your adjustment period will begin. During this time, don’t hesitate to ask questions from your Hakim Optical team, and if you find your new glasses to be too loose or too tight, bring them in to have them adjusted.

5. Enjoy Better Eyesight

This step is self-explanatory. Once you have your new glasses and have adjusted to wearing them properly, you can begin enjoying your new stylish pair of frames as well as better eyesight every day.

6. Continue to Get Eye Exams Regularly

Once you’re officially a glasses-wearer, make sure to stay on top of your eye health by getting regular eye exams and scheduling examinations if you notice any changes in your vision on your eye health. Signs that it may be time to check in with an optometrist include sore eyes, dry eyes, headaches, squinting, and blurred vision.