Customer Appreciation

For over 55 years, the expert opticians at Hakim Optical have taken great joy in helping their customers find glasses that not only help them see but also look great and bring new confidence. Now that we live in a digital age, it’s easier than ever for our customers to share their new glasses with us and with their friends to express their personal style and satisfaction. 

Today we want to show our customer appreciation by highlighting some of our favourite customer look submissions that we’ve been tagged in on Instagram because we’re constantly blown away by our customers’ styles, colour choices, and aesthetics! 

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Looking for something bold and beautiful to complement yourfacial features and your wardrobe? Here we have @Janel_In_Toronto absolutely rocking these rich burgundy frames! Just like their bold and beautiful red lipstick, Janel’s frames give them a gorgeous pop of colour that can liven up any outfit! Looking great, Janel! 


This summer, whether you’re in the office or lounging by the pool, a pair of Hakim Optical prescription or non-prescription sunglasses can make your look so much better! Here’s a picture of one of our customers, @CrazeetBird wearing some beautiful and classic matte black round sunglasses by the pool! Protect your eyes from harmful UV and UVB rays while making any outfit all the more stylish with gorgeous sunnies just like these! We love the look, @CrazeetBird, keep it up!


Once again we have our long-time friend @JP.Michaels showing us exactly how to dress! This incredible rainy-day look is completed with gorgeous, rounded Hakim Optical sunglasses! These sleek black frames and lenses are no stranger to boldness and detail with their vibrant orange arms. Bring beauty into even the rainiest days with vibrant Hakim sunglasses just like @JP.Michaels; we love the look, JP!


Both @PrenchCroissant and her adorable puppy look like a million bucks in this photo! With her lovely deep red cat eyeglasses, @PrenchCroissant could make a statement anywhere from the office, to the hair salon, to the dog park! Seeing clearly isn’t enough, you should also feel confident and beautiful in your new glasses, and @PrenchCroissant is absolutely killing it, amazing style from both her and her furry friend!


Our new friend @JulienLacelle looks absolutely iconic in their very first pair of glasses since they were in high school! We wouldn’t have been able to tell that they don’t usually wear eyeglasses because these beautiful rounded metallic frames look like they were made just for them! In this gorgeous, timeless, and simple pair of frames that pair well with every and any outfit from casual to formal, @JulienLacelle is looking absolutely amazing!


@KatelynMarieMoo is showing off her gorgeous blue eyes and vibrant blue hair with these beautiful and quirky structured white frames. The cat-eye shape compliments her eyes perfectly as they frame her face and help to make her eye colour and long lashes pop! These stunning white frames are more than just a way to see clearly, they’re stylish, warm, and perfect for the summer ahead! We love to see it, Katelyn! Keep it up!


What is the summertime for if not gorgeous and vibrant colours? Our customer @OrionBus75 is showing off their bright and bubbly side with these stunning structured laurel green frames. These beautiful green glasses remind us of summer days spent in parks surrounded by green trees, and they’re a great way to add liveliness to any look! Beautiful choice, OrionBus75!

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