First Time Wearing Contacts

Whether you’ve worn glasses all of your life or you’ve just learned that you need to begin wearing corrective lenses, choosing to wear contacts may be the right choice for you. Regardless of how much you want to wear contact lenses and regardless of how excited you are to get started, it can be a bit daunting when you get your first pair. Here’s what you can expect when wearing contacts for the first time.

An Adjustment Period

The most common experience among contact users, especially those who have never even worn glasses before is the adjustment period. Basically, this means exactly what its name suggests: a period of time in which your body and mind are adjusting to wearing contact lenses.

During this time, you may become sensitive to the feeling of wearing contacts, you may find you have a new sense of depth perception, or you may even feel slight discomfort. Don’t worry, as this is temporary. Some people automatically conclude that they don’t like wearing contact lenses and give up, but it’s important that you give your body and mind time to adjust before calling it quits.

Practice Makes Perfect

For your first time wearing contacts, you can expect to do a lot of practicing. It’s true what they say, practice does make perfect. Practice taking out and putting in your lenses, practice remembering to put your contact lens case in your bag before you leave the house, and make sure above all else to practice proper contact lens hygiene. Before you know it, contact lens safety and care will be second nature to you.

Follow The Recommended Use

Whether it’s your first time wearing contacts or the millionth time, make sure that you always follow the recommended use as provided by your optometrist. Different contacts prescriptions and makes are meant for wearing for different periods of time. While some can be left in for more than one day, others must be changed more often. To ensure you avoid infection, eye irritation, or headaches, only wear your contacts as prescribed and recommended by medical experts.

Practice Proper Hygiene

We cannot stress enough the importance of practicing proper hygiene for your first time (and every time) wearing contacts. Your eyes are an extremely sensitive and important area which means you should always protect them by washing your hands thoroughly before and after touching them. When you’re not used to wearing contact lenses it can sometimes be easy to forget, but the most important part of eye health when wearing contacts is to practice regular and thorough hygiene.

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