Halloween Costume Ideas For People Who Wear Glasses 

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for creative people. Halloween costumes are a chance for people to have fun, let their artistic side show, and dress as a character who they love or admire. If you’re looking to make your Halloween costume hit that extra mark this year, complete the look with a killer pair of glasses! Take a look at our list of some of our favourite costumes for people who wear glasses. 

Choose a Character Who Wears Glasses

For many television, movie, and book characters, their glasses are part of their signature look. You can easily create a low-effort, high-reward Halloween costume by just adding some recognizable glasses. Regardless of if you have a prescription or not, a pair of glasses paired with your Halloween costume can really take it that extra mile! 

Harry Potter  

Harry Potter’s look is known for two things: his lightning bolt scar and his iconic rounded glasses. If you want to go as Harry Potter this Halloween, put together an easy costume by adding round glasses, a wand, and a cape. 

Tina Belcher 

Tina Belcher is everyone’s favourite awkward teenager. Channel her spirit this Halloween by adding her iconic glasses to your costume! Tina wears thick, black frames that take up a good portion of her face. Add a skirt, her signature knee-high socks and a cute yellow beret to complete the look! 

Where’s Waldo 

Waldo has been a popular Halloween costume for decades, not just because of how instantly recognizable he is as a beloved book character, but also because his costume is very quick and simple to put together. All you need to do for this Halloween costume is assemble large, rounded glasses, a striped red and white shirt, and a red and white toque! 

Clark Kent 

What is Clark Kent if not a guy in glasses? For this simple yet iconic Halloween costume, add a pair of vintage frames to a regular suit and tie outfit. Finish with a ringlet in your hair and maybe a superman t-shirt underneath to add that extra pizzazz to your look.

Velma Dinkley 

Velma’s most iconic line in the entirety of the Scooby Doo series is “My Glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!” So anyone who is planning on dressing up as her for Halloween needs to commit to a pair of thick black frames. Pair the glasses with an orange turtleneck and a red skirt and you’re ready to solve mysteries with the best of them! 

Milhouse Van Houten

Who doesn’t love Bart Simpson’s lovable adorkable best friend Milhouse? Make your Thrillhouse dreams a reality with a pair of red rounded glasses, a blue wig, and a pair of orange flood pants. This Halloween, pay homage to an iconic and easily recreated character with a Milhouse costume!  

Barb Holland 

Stranger Things is a cultural touchstone which means there will be a lot of Mikes, Elevens, and Eddies out this year. Stand out by bringing back a season one classic with a Barb Holland costume! Red curls, an old-fashioned top, mom jeans, and a pair of peachy clear glasses are all you need for this awesome look!  

Dwight Schrute 

FACT: everyone loves the office. FACT: Dwight Schrute is the best character. FACT: it’s super easy to dress up as him this Halloween with the right glasses. Dwight wears a pair of iconic thinly-framed aviator glasses, a yellow shirt, some hair gel – and maybe a beet to carry around to complete the look.  

No Prescription? No Problem! 

It’s a common misconception that you need a prescription in order to purchase a pair of glasses from Hakim Optical. But we know that whether it’s Halloween or not, a pair of glasses can add as much to an outfit as a pair of earrings or a jacket. This Halloween, if a pair of glasses will complete your costume, come down to Hakim Optical where we will help you find the perfect pair, fitted with a non-prescription lens! 

Change Your Eye Colour

Some characters are known for their beautiful eyes and distinct eye colours. If you want to go the extra mile for your Halloween costume this year, remember that Hakim Optical isn’t just for glasses. Come on by to find some high-quality coloured lenses that are approved by optometrists. This year, make a statement with colourful contacts that are safe and comfortable to use. 

Beware Costume Contact Lenses 

This Halloween, while you’re avoiding ghosts and ghouls, also make sure to avoid costume contact lenses, especially those from costume or Halloween stores. Mass-produced, low-quality contact lenses might seem harmless to wear for just one night, but in reality, one night can be enough to cause strain on the eyes, eye infections, and styes. Stay far away from costume lenses this Halloween! Instead, look for coloured contact lenses from a reputable optical store like Hakim Optical. 

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