Instinctive™ Progressive Lenses

Instinctive progressive lenses offer the latest technology producing clear, uninterrupted vision to all distances. Nothing feels more natural than vision correction through an Instinctive Progressive Lens.

Transitions® Lenses

Transitions everyday lenses adapt to your busy lifestyle. This dynamic eyewear is designed to automatically adjust to any environment. Indoors, the lenses are clear and tint free to provide optimal clarity; when outside they will tint to offer a more comfortable viewing experience and UV protection. They are available in both grey and brown options.

Extra Thin Lenses – Ultra Light/Ultra Thin

Our extra thin lenses are up to 60% thinner and lighter than a regular plastic lens. By doing away with thicker lenses — which are especially annoying in the middle for a farsighted lens and around the edges for nearsighted — you’ll be more comfortable. Lighter lenses help reduce sliding and pressure marks on your nose, and are ideally suited for higher prescriptions or rimless and semi-rimless frames. They’re also scratch resistant and will take good care of your eyes with UV protection.


Colour Tints

  • Availability in a variety of solid and gradient colours. Light tints reduce indoor glare.
  • Cosmetic tints – primarily used to enhance the finish of fine line frames and skin tone.
  • Grey and brown used primarily for sunglasses, great for driving.

UV 400

  • Colourless coating.
  • Maximum protection necessary to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and other sources of Ultra Violet rays.
  • Helps in the prevention of cataracts.

RLX Scratch Coat

  • Primarily for plastic lenses.
  • Hard coat finish that protects the surface.

Super Arc

  • Super anti-reflection coating substantially reduces glare and reflection.
  • 99% light transmission to the eye.
  • Reduces ghost images normally associated with night driving, computer screens, fluorescent light, etc…
  • Cosmetically appealing.
  • Water repellent, anti-static, smudge, stain proof.

Featherlite Unbreakables

Ideally suited for children, active adults and safety glasses, but a thin, lightweight and virtually unbreakable lenses will work for anybody. Our Featherlite Unbreakables are also scratch resistant and have 100% UV protection. Say goodbye to heavy uncomfortable eyewear and enjoy safety, peace of mind and comfort.

ViewMaster — Computer Lenses

Do you spend a lot of time at the computer? Ever get eyestrain or headaches? Then computer lenses may be perfect for you. Unlike reading and other regular glasses, computer lenses are designed to give you optimum vision at about 20 to 26 inches — the usual distance from your eyes to the computer screen. Our computer lenses are also thin, light, scratch resistant, have edge to edge clarity and UV protection. They are digitally designed to give you sharper clearer vision. They are particularly recommended for people with strong prescriptions.

The Xtreme Widefield Lens

Never miss a beat with Xtreme Widefield lenses. Our new optimum peripheral lenses are designed to fit your active lifestyle.

This technology reduces the distortion associated with conventional lenses and provides a seamless transition from one viewing zone to the other. The lighter lens is designed for performance but due to the thin, flat shape it will also maintain the natural look of your eyes.

XTREME WIDEFIELD Lenses are highly recommended for higher powered prescriptions.