Fashion Trends for 2023

A new year, a new pair of glasses! Have fun this year playing with different styles and colours to reflect your personality and show off your unique style. Find inspiration in these fashion trends for 2023.

The Rundown on Fashion Trends for 2023

Wear your personality loudly and proudly in 2023! It’s the year to embrace your individual style by rocking boldly-shaped and brightly-coloured glasses. When picking your eyewear for 2023, think: vivid colours, dramatic and geometric, maxi-minimalist, vintage, and a blend of fun and functionality.

Styles & Shapes

You can find the frames that suit your face shape, or you can follow these fashion trends for 2023 and choose the pair that perfectly reflects your personality and matches your outfit!

Wild & Whimsical 

Things are really getting wild in 2023. You’ll see clothing covered in rhinestones, butterflies, shiny sequins and brightly-coloured outdoor motifs. Start 2023 with a pair of frames that are patterned, playful, colourful, or just totally wild and whimsical.

Gothic Glamour

The gothic glamour look features a dark palette of black and purple hues paired with a minimalist yet sophisticated feel. Black, purple or leopard print frames with severe lines will fit this fashion trend.

Sleek and Simple

There are a number of trends for 2023 that are bold, bright, and over-the-top. Still, sleek and simple never goes out of style. If the more extravagant looks aren’t for you, opt for a pair of glasses that are simple yet sleek.


In 2023, modern vintage will be a focus. This means bringing back popular vintage styles, like aviators and cat-eyes, but with a modern twist. To achieve the modern vintage look, find dramatic and geometric frames, including hexagonal, super square, rectangle and even classic round frames.

Colours & Patterns

In 2023, colour palettes are bold, vivid, and bright. If you’re tired of the plain and simple neutrally-coloured frames, throw them aside in favour of fun colours and funky patterns!

Purple Hues 

If you love purple, 2023 is the time to show it! All varieties of purple are in for 2023, and we’ve got a great selection of purple frames for you to choose from.

Sunshine Yellow

Find a pair of frames as yellow as the sun because the brightest shades of yellow will be hot in 2023.

Bright Pink

Make a statement in 2023 with bright pink or fuschia-coloured frames. You’ll be totally on point!


Add a touch of nature by going with a pair of frames that have a butterfly or floral pattern. Or, take a more subtle step into this style with a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. If it suits your personality, be bold and go for it!


Some form of stripes is always in season. If you’re looking to change it up from your traditional boring pair of frames, sample some stripes!


Use the same guidelines for picking out your 2023 sunglasses. Or, go with a sporty-style frame. You’re sure to score with any pair of athletic-style sunglasses.

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