The Value of High Quality Glasses & Professional Adjustment

If you wear corrective eyeglasses, you’re always looking to find your next perfect pair that looks great and fits your face comfortably. But did you know that no matter how perfect your new glasses are, they are completely useless if they are not high quality and have not had a professional adjustment?

It’s true.

There is always an adjustment period that’s required by a new prescription – the period in which your new visual perception needs to be adapted by the brain. The brain is amazing in that it is actually capable of adapting to pretty much anything your eyes see over a period of time. This is both extremely useful for maintaining clear vision, but also quite risky.

For instance, if you used to wear glasses that were low quality, your brain adjusted your visual perception to see the world in that version of poor quality. When you upgrade to new, high quality, professionally adjusted glasses, you will experience the struggle to see comfortably for the period of time in which your brain adjusts to your new and improved visual perception. Once you’ve adapted to high-quality lenses, you’ll be able to tell what well-made eyeglasses should feel like and you won’t experience that problem again!

We recently discussed how Hakim Optical’s high-quality lenses are produced. Although the equipment and technique used in our lens production is vital, you are just as important to the final product. If you’re tall, you are more likely to hunch and look through the top of your glasses. If you’re short, you are more likely to stand straighter and look down through the bottom of your glasses. This is why professional adjustment is a necessity – you need someone to align your eyeglasses both to your face and your stature so that you may receive the best quality vision.

Conversely, one of the fastest ways to reduce that quality of your glasses is by adjusting your glasses yourself. When you try to tighten your glasses, you’re actually changing the curve of the lens and forcing your visual perception to adjust to lower quality vision.

Every Hakim Optical location offers FREE professional adjustment. It is complimentary for all of our customers and our commitment to you to help you keep your glasses optimized and maintain perfect quality lenses. We are committed to providing you with glasses that are comfortable, functional and useful as prescribed by your optician.

We are happy to help you find your perfect glasses that fit you best. Visit any of our locations across Canada today.

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