Prescription Glasses for an Active Lifestyle

Hakim Optical’s in-store opticians often hear questions and doubts surrounding wearing prescription glasses during sports and other activities. The truth is, you can live an active lifestyle while wearing glasses – you just need the right pair!

Think about your closet. You likely own more than one pair of shoes: a nice pair for nights out, a comfortable pair for errands and shoes made exclusively for exercise. However, many people think that one pair of prescription glasses is all they need, and use the same pair they wear to work for the gym. Just like shoes are made for different activities, prescription glasses are available for a variety of lifestyles and activities, too.

When you visit any Hakim Optical location across Canada, you can speak with one of our in-store opticians who will advise you on which pair of prescription glasses is best suited for the different activities you participate in. They will ask the right questions and guide you to the perfect pair while taking into account the following criteria:

There are many different options for frames – both in style and material – and most frames can be paired with any lens. Talking with an optometrist is the only way to determine which frame is best suited for you.

While most people focus on frames, the type of lens in your prescription glasses is equally as important. Hakim Optical are you lens experts and are prepared to offer whatever your eyes may need to let you see clearly and comfortably.

When you are looking for a lens that would stand up to a pickup game of soccer, the Featherlite Unbreakables are unbeatable. They are scratch resistant, provide 100% UV protection and are virtually unbreakable. Our Xtreme Widefield Lenses are designed to fit an active lifestyle by reducing the distortion associated with conventional lenses and providing a seamless transition from one viewing zone to the other.

Lens Coatings:
There are also a variety of lens coatings that can be applied to provide additional protection and comfort. A Scratch Resistant Coating (SRC) gives you additional protection from scratched lenses, an Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC) reduces internal reflection and can be helpful if you are participating in any type of night activity and the UV 400 is a colourless coating that provides the maximum protection to the eyes from harmful sun and Ultra Violet rays.

And you’re not limited to eyeglasses alone – Hakim Optical can also provide you with prescription safety glasses, prescription swimming goggles, and even contact lenses to make your lifestyle easier.

Talk to our opticians and let them know the kind of activities you are in involved in –they can guide to the best combinations of frames, lenses and coatings so that your prescription glasses fit you perfectly!

Visit us in-store or contact us online today for more information or through our Facebook and Twitter pages.