Common Signs That You Need Glasses

As we age and change, our eyes follow suit. Once, you may not have needed glasses, but as time has progressed your eyes and your potential prescription have changed, and glasses may be the key to seeing better and more comfortably. If you’ve never worn glasses before, it can be confusing to try to tell if you may need them now, however, there are some very common signs that your eyes are telling you that you need glasses.

Please keep in mind that while these are handy tips that you may want to use to gauge if you need glasses, the only way to know for sure is to visit an optometrist to have your eyes examined.

You’re Holding Reading Material Closer To Your Face Than You Used To

One of the most ignored signs that you may need glasses is how you’re holding your reading material. As time progresses, many people end up holding their books or magazines further away or closer to themselves to read clearly and comfortably and they might not even notice they’re doing it! If you find yourself holding your reading material a certain way to best read the text, it may be time to consider getting your eyes tested for glasses.

You’re Constantly Squinting

Squinting is one of the most common signs indicating that you may need glasses. To squint is to attempt to focus your eyes on whatever is ahead of you. Squinting can go unnoticed because often squinting is a subconscious action, however, if you find yourself squinting while driving, reading, watching television, or even just relaxing, it may be time to have your eyes examined.

You’re Experiencing Headaches Often

Experiencing headaches quite often is usually a sign of strain on the eyes from working overtime to be able to see. If you notice that your eyes and head hurt often, especially after driving, reading, or doing any activity that involves focus, this could be one of the many signs that your brain and eyes are trying to tell you, you need glasses. Regardless of whether you need glasses or not, constant headaches should be taken seriously and addressed medically whether with an optometrist or your general practitioner.

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