The Anatomy of Your Eyeglasses 

For so many Canadians, eyeglasses are an essential part of their everyday lives. If you wear glasses every day, you may know the basic terms including frames, lenses, and even screws. However, familiarizing yourself with the anatomy of your glasses (even the lesser-known pieces) can help you take better care of your eyeglasses and understand them much better. 


The bridge of your glasses is the piece that connects the two lenses. Bridges carry most of the weight of your glasses, and how well they’ve been crafted will heavily affect how comfortable your glasses will be. 

End Piece

The end pieces of your glasses are the outermost piece of the frames. They’re located on the rear side of your frames, and they’re used to connect the hinge to the front of the glasses. 


Your frames are the most commonly understood part of the anatomy of your glasses. They are what hold the lenses in place and are attached to the arms. Frames can be customized in unlimited shapes, colours, and sizes. 


Hinges are what give your glasses frames mobility. They’re also known as a joint, and their main function is to allow you to open and close your glasses arms. 


Lenses are the most important part of the anatomy of your glasses. They’re crafted pieces of glass, plastic, or sometimes other materials that fit with your prescription to allow you to see properly. 

Nose Pads 

Nose pads are the little humps or circular pads that sit on your nose to make your glasses more comfortable to wear. They also help your glasses to fit more securely and reduce the risk of them falling off.  If your glasses are leaving red marks on your nose or temples, you likely require some adjustments.

Pad Arms 

The pad arms are just a small piece of metal or plastic that holds the nose pads in place to help ensure your comfort. 


A small threaded metal piece is usually inserted into the hinges to keep your glasses together and in place. 


The long stems that extend from the sides of your glasses are called temples. They’re more commonly referred to as the arms of your glasses, and they ensure that your glasses stay secured on your face and ears. 

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