Tinted Eyeglasses

Especially as the summer continues and the hot weather is here, you may have noticed the presence of tinted eyeglasses around you. Tinted glasses are popular again, especially glasses with unique and beautiful colour tints like purple, pink, and blue. If you keep seeing tinted eyeglasses around you and you’re wondering if they’re right for you, here’s what you should know.  


Currently, as Y2K fashion becomes increasingly popular, so too have tinted eyeglasses and sunglasses that remind us of the early 2000s and its fashion. If you’re interested in following the current trends of fun, quirky, and carefree glasses, take a look at potentially buying yourself a pair of prescription or nonprescription tinted glasses to wear with your Y2K looks. 


Beyond the fashion that comes with wearing tinted eyeglasses, there is also a presence of functionality! Firstly, obviously tinted glasses that are your prescription will help you to see (even if you’re seeing the world in purple!), but tinted sunglasses also help protect your eyes from the sun. If you have a lightly tinted pair of glasses, they can help protect your eyes from the strain of harsh indoor lights, and it’s believed that certain colours can improve your mood and even make you feel relaxed. 

Benefits of Tinted Eyeglasses 

Tinted eyeglasses aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, there are several benefits that come with wearing tinted glasses including: 

  • Green-tinted glasses improve vision when playing outdoor sports 
  • Grey-tinted glasses help to prevent eye fatigue and headaches 
  • Brown-tinted glasses help to reduce brightness 
  • Blue-tinted glasses help to improve vision during foggy days 
  • Pink tinted glasses help to prevent light sensitivity and migraines 

Driving in Tinted Eyeglasses 

Many adults who wear tinted eyeglasses specifically purchase them for driving. Driving in certain tinted glasses can help to prevent strain on the eyes, dissuade reflective light, and can also help you to see clearly during certain bad weather. Although you don’t want to choose a too wacky colour or anything that may impair your ability to see properly like pink, purple, or blue, colours like grey, brown, and even amber can be beneficial to the eyes while driving.  

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