Eye Protection & Protective Eyewear

Are you doing enough to protect your eyes? You might be surprised to learn that there are about 200 job-related eye injuries every day in Canada. These injuries often result in lost time and/or temporary or permanent vision loss. What’s more, 90% of these eye injuries could be prevented just by wearing proper eye protection. 

Types of Eye Protection

There are 3 main types of safety eyewear: safety glasses, goggles and face shields. The type you need will depend on what you’re using them for.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses provide eye protection for general working conditions where there’s dust, dirt, chips or flying particles. For added protection, you can get safety glasses with side shields. If you require prescription lenses, you might find it too awkward or uncomfortable to wear safety glasses over top of your prescription glasses. But you don’t have to! You can get prescription safety glasses.

Whether you require safety glasses for your job or just want a pair for the work you do around home, Hakim Optical has a variety of prescription safety glasses to choose from. We carry non-prescription safety glasses, too.


Safety goggles are another form of eye protection. Goggles can protect against all the same things as safety glasses do, and more. Safety goggles provide protection from sparks, vapours, chemicals, ice and snow. This makes them a good choice for work or play! 

Skiing? Swimming? Scuba diving? Check out our prescription ski goggles, swimming goggles and scuba masks. You don’t need to try to fit your mask over your prescription glasses or get contact lenses. You can just head over to your local Hakim Optical and get a pair of prescription goggles. If you already have a pair of goggles, we can even custom-make a prescription goggle insert for them. 

Face Shields 

Face shields are more popular than ever these days. They protect your eyes from flying particles, chemicals, heat and bloodborne pathogens. However, don’t rely on a face shield alone. You should always wear another type of safety eyewear with your face shield, like safety glasses or goggles. This will ensure your eyes are still protected when you lift the shield. 

Protect Your Eyes! 

The first step in eye protection is being aware of your surroundings and the potential hazards and eliminating them when possible. Safeguard your eyes further by using protective equipment and keeping job sites and work areas clean. Add an extra layer of protection by getting fitted for safety glasses or goggles. Your eyes are precious – protect them with proper eye protection. 

Need prescription safety glasses?

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